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We had tons of home-cooked Indian food at a dinner party last night (I made a cauliflower-potato-egg curry with coconut milk and tomatoes in the sauce, Rahul made lentils, and there was also channa masala, peas with ground turkey–I think they called it keema, samosas, chicken curry, store-bought vegetable biryani and naan, and yummy Western desserts including marzipan-like almond bars and chocolate mint Pirouettes).

I made mac and cheese with egg noodles and leek-morel Jack cheese grated into a bechamel of flour, butter, soy milk, and home-made vegetable broth.

We had pan-fried polenta slices with Crimini mushroom sauce one day, and lunch at the Uptown Cafe with our two-for-one card (eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, and a muffaletta sandwich for Rahul), and I got green Araucana eggs and Yukon Gold potatoes at the Winter market.


Written by orata

January 28, 2008 at 11:19 am

Posted in recipes

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