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Well, as it turns out, banana dumplings are OK but not really something I want to repeat in the future. Overall, though, the stew and green bean casserole were both delicious, and it’s only after about 5 straight meals of the same stuff that I stalled out on eating them. Maybe I will regain my enthusiasm for the leftovers soon.

I forgot to mention that Rahul and I went to Snow Lion last weekend. I’m sorry to say it was pretty lousy. The menu is a weird amalgam of Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, and Cajun (!) food. We got nearly-identical dishes of spicy noodles that were too hot, drenched in greasy red sauce, and ended up making me feel a little bit ill. I would recommend the sauce on mine (the sesame vegetable noodles) over Rahul’s (exotic noodles or something like that), though his had more veggies–snow peas, where mine just had peas. Overall, though, I don’t think I will ever go back there. Unlike the other Tibetan restaurant in town, the atmosphere in the restaurant is bizarre and charmless–it’s windowless, dark, and cramped, half hall of mirrors, half wooden 1970s faux-chalet, and overall reminded me of the Haunted Train at Baker’s Junction we visited at Halloween.

I found this broccoli recipe on the NYT website today and would like to try it sometime soon. Sounds yummy.


Written by orata

March 6, 2008 at 10:41 am

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