Whole30, Day 10: A Foray Into Restaurant Food

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I was out of the house today and only ate breakfast at home–what I would have considered lunch was consumed at a cafe, where I surreptitiously snacked on nuts because they’d run out of the vegetable soup on their menu.

The salad with steak was sort of a late lunch/early dinner hybrid at Panera–I discovered that the chicken in the chicken salads there is pretty much off-limits because the seasoning contains sugar or rice starch, but the steak seems to be OK. Most of the salads were also forbidden because of sugar or dairy, but I think everything in the Greek salad was OK aside from the feta cheese, which they left out on my request.

I had dinner at a bar with friends while we were doing trivia, and while the burger itself was delicious, my friends’ burger buns and melted cheese looked fantastic, and tempting. I asked the waitress if there was any sugar in the mayonnaise or anything mixed into the burger–she said no. It’s possible I violated some of the rules with the burger plate but there’s really a limit to how annoying and fussy I want to be in a crowded bar at dinnertime.


2 egg muffin things


Black coffee





Mixed greens with vinaigrette, olives, grilled steak, banana peppers (Greek salad from Panera Bread: hold the feta, add steak)


Burger with no bun, with tomatoes, onion, pickle, potato salad (dressed with mustard, mayo)


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June 10, 2015 at 10:58 pm

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